One Simple "Do It At Home" Test That Will Reveal Seeds Of Future Injury

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First you have to throw your ego out the door, and view yourself objectively. You must follow the screening criteria and then evaluate your performance without bias, without trying to simply beat the test. The end goal of the screen is reliable information so that you can use to make an accurate assessment of your ability and where to begin improvement.

The setup: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and 0 to 15 degrees externally rotated.

The test: Squat to below parallel, which is defined by the hip crease, passing below knee level, while maintaining a flat back. Pause and then return to standing position.

Photos illustrate proper form meeting all criteria for a perfect screen.

Criteria for the screen are:

  • Controlling the squat tempo from top to bottom, pausing for a moment, and returning to standing
  • Keeping a straight back
  • Knees tracking directly over the feet
  • Having no loss of balance
  • Feet remain flat on the floor
  • Keeping a neutral head position

The four major faults are illustrated below:

Upper photo: knees collapsing in. Lower photo: lack of depth.


Upper photo: feet not flat. Lower photo: rounded back.

If you had struggles with this movement, you should include foam rolling routine into your workout and use a Deep Squat Corrective Pattern Sequence recovery program.

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