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It's not about just looking badass, It's all about being badass.

Darcie Warren and Miranda Oldroyd, using Workt 7mm Knee Sleeves, Crossfit

There’s a reason why most top athletes such as Miranda Oldroyd, Garret Fisher, and Chris Speller use knee sleeves. They aren’t just cool to look at, they serve a purpose. Whether you’re a Games Competitor or an normal person hitting your WOD hard, knee sleeves can and will benefit you. Here’s 3 big reasons to use knee sleeves:

1. Avoiding Injury

Injury is no joke. It can create lifelong problems, huge medical bills & not to mention lots and lots of pain. Take it from Workt Athlete Miranda Oldroyd: this Regionals and Games Competitor has a brush with death back in 2012 which almost cost her career. Miranda says this about Workt Knee Sleeves:

Workt has the best designs and their sleeves last forever. The new inside material makes them so easy to put on and keeps them so clean. It's been such a huge help in my recovery!

How knee sleeves avoid injury is due to the compression and heat the sleeve provides. From what we've learned, the more compression & heat, the better the sleeve. When using no sleeves, there's not any compression on the joint which makes it feel almost "naked". Functional Movement lifters, Powerlifters, and Olympic lifters combined often use knee sleeves, so clearly the added heat and compression helps.

Miranda Oldroyd, CrossFit Games Competitor and Fitness Icon uses Workt 5mm knee sleeves

2. Insulated heat + compression = better performance & recovery

The science behind knee sleeves is very simple. The heat insulates the joints, making them warm and ready to function correctly with more control. The heat also allows the joint to stretch and function to its full range of motion, which allows optimum usage. The compression helps by making everything feel very compact, ready & good to go. The compression also increases blood flow which reduces swelling, allowing you to push harder without getting swollen. Not only does it help performance, but the compression aides in recovery. Knee sleeves offer the capability for more resiliency, which is a must from the Games athletes down to your regular Jill/ Joe wanting to kick it into high gear.

Miranda Oldroyd and Darcie Warren using Workt Knee Sleeves. Feel the Ecoprene Difference

3. Better Performance + Recovery = Break Your Limits Quicker With Less Pain

Everyone knows that feeling of being absolutely destroyed after a workout. It's not fun; especially if you have the stiffest joints on earth. As mentioned before, The heat and compression are clinically proven to reduce swelling on your joints when wearing knee sleeves. Not only that, but you will retain more mobility after workouts in your knees as well. Imagine what you could do with that energy you aren't using to be sore; you could use that energy to go harder, stronger the next time, or possibly squeeze in a workout on your rest day. It really does change things when you think about what can be accomplished when you're giving yourself that competitive edge, to the point where Games Athletes such as Miranda Oldroyd refuse to go without them. So why not save your joints the pain?

Miranda Oldroyd hitting her WOD with Workt Knee Sleeves.

Conclusion: Put in the work + protect yourself = Reap Significant Benefits

The main take away is this: the extra compression will help you, no doubt. Heating your joints will help you also, but what it comes down to is the time it takes to bounce back. Protect yourself, because the more you do, it allows you to go harder the next day, and the day after. It allows you to beat through your plateaus and push to break your limits, or help you get used to a rigorous WOD. Regardless, the less vulnerable your joints are, the stronger you become.


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