Burger Kings Confirms The Rumors And Admits That They Are Using Horse Meat In The Burgers

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Fast food chain Burger King admitted that they have been using horse meat for their burgers. They always denied this always when they were accused before. But last Thursday they announced that they admit that the test were wrong, apologizing to their customers. The company that produced meat for Burger King, also delivered meat for Asda, Co-op and Tesco. The ingredients in the meat have been forbidden since last year.

“We discovered that Silvercrest is using small percent of beef originating from non-approved Polish suppliers, who promised to supply them with 100% British and Irish beef cutlets.
They did not fulfill their promise.

All of this is completely against our rules and regulations, so we decided to end up the partnership with this supplier.
As we`ve confirmed, this Polish supplier is the source of the contaminated meat that came from Silvercrest.”

Source: healthyandnatural.life

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